I'm going to be a daddy... now what?

August 30, 2012

There are weeks, this being one of them, where I have no words of wisdom or even words of rambling to share. I could post some random baby things, but I think having an esteemed guest blogger every once in a while is way better. My hubby Steven graciously wrote down his thoughts on becoming a daddy! So hope you enjoy :)
- Danielle R.

As Danielle recently revealed we’re going to have a baby boy, Graeme!  After the excitement of the announcement and celebration with friends and family, I have this really nagging question I have to deal with every day:  "I’m going to be a dad, now what do I do?"  I don’t need to take vitamins (well at least the prenatal kind), I don’t need to gain weight (but all the ice-cream is delicious), and I don’t need a special pillow so that I will sleep on my side.  Being a left brained guy, Danielle bought me a father’s survival guide.  

The perfect book for my male brain. Kind of a “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” for guys. 
This book taught me some very pertinent information:  
  • The baby will not come out looking like the babies on TV, but more like an alien.  Not to worry though he will grow out of it, I just need to make sure he has 10 fingers and toes.  
  • I know how to test his reflexes (you know he has to be ready to play sports) 
  • And most importantly, when he’s old enough, how to read him Sports Illustrated.  

I can’t wait to be a dad, but right now mom gets to do all the work.  Well I do get to paint the nursery, put together the crib, assist in the nesting itch of Danielle with other home projects, and take out the trash …all the time (she has a thing with smells).

Dad to be,

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