Invitation Time

August 29, 2012

Best feeling ever?? Sending out wedding invitations! Man oh man is that a weight off my shoulders! I'm so excited to cross that off my list. And I am sooo excited about the final turnout of the invites. Our very own Danielle helped to design them. She did an amazing job, I couldn't be happier! They are done in muted tones and with a simple font, as to exemplify the feel and level of elegance of the wedding. Then I tied them all up with twine, and viola, the perfect invitation (or at least I think so!) What do you think?!
And of course my little helper... trying to eat my twine...


  1. Sam eats twine too! I think it smells weird so they like it. Love the address stickers!

  2. Did I read this correctly that D designed these? Awesome job! So cute. WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST DO MINE???

  3. p.s. I might just show up at this wedding. It's going to be really cute.


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