New Floors!

August 13, 2012

I was trying to think of a clever name for this post... but honestly I am so tired from my trip, I don't even know if me writing this blog is real right now. That said, my trip was awesome and I am on another trip right now.... those pictures to come! I haven't done a house update in a while... and while we were gone my new hardwood floors went in!!! I love leaving and coming back with stuff done that I didn't do :) Also shout out to my parents who painted ceilings and cleaned up while we were gone!

My theme for the house has been country-ish traditional with some straighter lines for a modern feel. So I picked finished looking hand scrapped texture barn wood floors.
Some new goodies in the living room: 
Are y'all on Joss and Main?! If not, sorry but now you're going to be obsessed. 
If you do buy something, let them know I referred you... I get a credit! 

And the work continues... we were going to the brick wall and use the same brick for the face of the fire place... however we don't like any brick thats out there right now... so scrap that idea...

loved this slate ledgestone... but it cost like 30 something a square foot :/ no thanks
 So instead there is the mini tile brick pattern of our floors
 that we will use instead at like $5 a square foot :)
 I love how the quarter round brings out the yellow in the trim don't you! 
 Sadly, this is the hall bath. If you look closely you will see one 
breadboard panel is actually attached to the wall. 
 Wanted new pillows for the couch... found these at Z Gallerie for $70 a piece! No thanks
 So I found it on for $16 a yard... and will be making my own! 
2 for the price of half of one.... WA-BAM! (ninja kick in the face of fancy home stores)
 Here is the living room as it is now... pretty lacking in seating. The plan is to have a love seat on the blank wall and 2 chairs (facing in) in front of each window. Tv on the mantle- disguised as a mirror (saw that on the high low project
 Like this chair! I found at Cielo Home in portland for a measly $700 a piece... 
"Dear God, please let craigslist be good to me. Amen"

And there you have it folks. I will be inviting you over once I get things actually put together!
Have a great week!

- Danielle G.

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  1. love everything! I need to come see it in person :)


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