Pregnant Feelings

August 9, 2012

Since being pregnant, I have noticed that some things annoy me more than they used to (surprise, a pregnant girl is emotional!). Anyways, one of the things that bothers me most is when people use generalities or say "well when I was pregnant" and launch into a horror story. I am sorry, I have enough to worry about while carrying a human being inside of me that I don't need to hear something what happened to you, your aunt's niece's cousin or anything you saw online.

So in the spirit of sharing my pregnancy experience but not making generalizations, just expressing how I feel, I will not tell you that all pregnant women feel this way. These are  just my recent experiences and feelings only.

1.) I am tired.
I know this probably isn't a surprise, but I have a tough time dealing with this reality. I am used to going and going and not stopping until I am done. I find myself often saying to my husband, "I don't know what is wrong with me?" and his response is always, "I do. You are pregnant."

2.) I have been nesting ever since I learned I was pregnant.
This could attribute a lot to feeling #1. Every week I feel like I need to do something productive around the house. We have since, painted the formal living room, bought an entertainment center (that will soon be moved to the TV room and the other TV credenza will be moving to the formal living room), cleaned out closets, desks and drawers. In my head, I have also designed the whole nursery. I know "they say" the nesting kicks into gear during the 3rd trimester, but I have a feeling mine will last the whole time. Because like my husband said, "you have been nesting ever since I married you." 

3.) I am hungry all the time.
Unfortunately junk food or fast food sounds good all the time! I try and eat my veggies and fruit, but my desire for Chick-fil-a or ice cream is strong!

4.) Friends and family are awesome!
While I am not visibly showing much, people that know we are expecting are thrilled for our family. The baby already has like 15 outfits thanks to my friends (well and I bought a few)! It is fun to go on this journey together with people you love and care about. 

5.) I feel weird.
Like I am not all the way here. Like this isn't really happening. Like this is all a dream. Plus my mind wonders so much more easily than it used to. I was told by some fellow mom friends, just to get used to it!

6.) I am so excited.
I want to meet him. See his face! Kiss his toes. I think about this every day!

Well that is all for the ramblings of the preggers!

18 weeks and counting...
Danielle R.

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