This could go a couple ways...

August 20, 2012

Hey look at this picture below... this could be one of those posts where I do super cute stuff to my pantry like wallpaper the back with super cute Moroccan geometric prints and use magazine holders to hold my soup cans...

 Or it could go like this: Pantry Moths... and their worm babies.
They were even on the ceiling. I didn't want them falling in my hair (see below/ add that to the reuse this bag list target!) I would like to tell you that I cleaned up this mess... but I threw up a lot and cried so my dad came over and did it for me :)
 Had to wash everything and throw out most everything:
 and destroy the kitchen once again.
 But then my mom brought over this thing to make me feel better. Meet O'Malley!
Was going to do a grand picture presentation of my trip and trip guide. But instead just think what you will about these pictures! Ill interject my small thoughts :)
"funky ball of space teats"

"do do a dallop"
I'm so natural/ love that buffet behind me
yeah rob!

Im an ant
"no way am I spitting this stuff out, it tastes like fruit!"

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