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September 24, 2012

Hey kids,

Can't believe its monday again. I have been a super busy stay at home wife this last week. Lots of projects tackled and I can see light at the end of the kitchen tunnel. I know I promised some Kitchen photos but its still not done... taking WAY too long... so I'll just give you a sneak peek:

 Wiener dog size reference:

There. OOOooooo.

So another thing I wanted to buy do, was make a headboard. I really wanted this one--- but its like a million dollars.  We have this giant blank wall behind our bed and we needed something. So I watched Grace Bonney's DIY tutorial video and was like hey yeah I can do that.... 
and I can but its harder than it looks.

Stuff you need:
Plywood or particle board
1-2 inch foam
miter saw, jigsaw
pencil, string
circle template
Emmy's on TV
spray adhesive 
staple gun

This sounds like a list from McGruber

Step 1: Cut the frame

Lay frame on foam and trace
 Cut and spray OUTSIDE then lay and attach to board
 Cut batting to fit, have wiener dog help keep batting stable

 Lay on Fabric
 Ok it got really hard at the curves I recommend no 90 degree angles.

So here is my OH so gray bedroom BEFORE:

 Im going to add some of the throw color in the curtains...a print
 I found this pottery barn throw at an estate sale for $5.00

Total cost of headboard: $120 Total Savings- $900! (if I had bought the dwell studio one)
30- foam
25- wood
45- Fabric (Linen cotton blend)
20- Batting 

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  1. My favorite is the sink "Wiener dog size reference." She looks like a statue.


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