At Home in Greece

October 5, 2012

I don't know if any of you are ridiculous like me, but sometimes I forget that other people actually do LIVE in the countries I visit, as in - they have lives. At least, it doesn't even seem to dawn on me until I get there and see it for my own eyes. Those people - foreigners - have jobs, families, and homes. To the tourist and outsider, those seem glamorous and exotic, mostly because their jobs, families, and homes are different from our jobs, families, and homes. 

My sister and her husband just moved to Scotland. They've been in Edinburgh for a week now, and it is still hard to believe that they live steps away from the Queen's palace, and massive age-old cathedrals, and will soon be opening bank accounts where the royal pound will replace our US dollar. But to the people who live there, who are from there, this is just regular old life.

How do these people FUNCTION with so much beauty and intrigue at their doorstep?

One of my favorite blogs is The Style Files. The blog features pictures of homes all over the world. Recently I've been noticing many from Greece, especially the islands. Here are a few from a home on the island of Tinos. Can you imagine if this was your life: that you actually got to live here, in this beautiful home? And this isn't even showing the view...

Many of the island homes sport this traditional cave-like dwelling. They are literally carved into the side of the mountain or cliff. Everything's built in! And whitewashed.

I love this color blue. I can't even think of what it should be called it's so pretty.

I don't think I would mind cooking, cleaning, or slaving away in this cozy little kitchen. It's so clean! You can see all the pictures, read the post, and find links to more Greek homes here.

I could definitely be at home here. Couldn't you?

p.s. Today we're in Athens. Tomorrow we're in Athens. Then we come home:) 
Trip review next week (hopefully with pictures)! Stay tuned.

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