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October 22, 2012

Hey my little chinchillas!

So we snuck something in on you, well I actually snuck this in on my posse as well: We have a link to collections of our individual posts- per person if that makes sense. Its ok if you like one of us more than the others, were just glad you're here!

Here is where you can find it: on the right side below "in case you missed" and above "Followers" They are not in week day order... cause our names didn't happen to be in alphabetical order :/

I really enjoyed my randomness last week. So its going to continue. And when you put your mind toward remembering random crap, watch the heck out. 

My Dad is famous on CNBC

Why do dads forget how to smile? I can find real smile dad pictures in college and them BOOM, Dad with baby Danielle and its gone. I think it gets worse every year. Year 28. 

OK, so he actually took a really good shot too. 

Have you seen the latest Urban Outfitters Magazine? I swear i could direct these photo shoots

Step 1: Close your eyes, pick out 1-2 pieces of clothing, add boots with legs showing, done. 
Step 2. Slightly trash out a room
--- Include triangle patters, something slightly crude, something that looks "global" done.
Step 3: mess up hair, braid it, or spray paint it, done.
Step 4: Don't smile. SHOOT. 

If that doesn't work.... throw in nostalgia. Success.

Who knew this Bryan Adams Song had such a wicked clap track! 

Did you catch the Ad? While bored at work I was thinking about this Ad. Bing may be better, but its so much easier to say... "I googled that." than "I binged that" No, no one would say that. Because its bung. "I BUNG that." *shake head in disapproval* 

Saw these shoes today, and had a TOSH.0 "20 seconds on the clock" moment. 
(This was the most decent video, search further at your own risk)

Got some New Lamps at Target. WOOT. 

New favorite Blog: Today's Letters

peace out. 

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