October 8, 2012

Kitchen is DONE!

A look back where we started:

first farm sink came like this :/ 
leading to this

much better

bye bye weird texture arch and backsplash--- and bathroom glass bricks

byebye countertop for a week :/

and the all the angels said "ahhhhhhhhh"

bye mirror cubby

the inspector
Me:"Um something is wrong here" Them: "that is the natural stone" = hilarious

painting begins 

 "Asian Jess" stops by for the premier of New Girl
 good to know 
 "there, now its fixed" = hilarious 
 new gray after the baby blue fiasco
intermission with this sweet face!  
.... and that face....  


I would love to see some of your renovations!! send me before and afters to sundayhatch@gmail.com

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