Things I have learned recently as a pregnant woman

October 11, 2012

  • Don’t sit down with a full bag of baked Cheetos and expect it to end well
  • Stop someone if they say, “this isn’t normal, but I knew someone who had {insert some crazy labor and delivery story here}”
  • Just wear yoga pants
  • Learn to sit down and relax and realize it’s ok that the junk drawer is not organized
  • Women who are pregnant and those going through “the change” experience very similar symptoms
  • Wear tennis shoes and be ok that your cute boots don’t fit over your calves right now 
  • It’s ok to cry for no reason
  • A supportive and patient husband is worth gold
  • Making grunting noises while doing routine tasks is “normal”
  • Savor this time (I’m still working on this one)


I feel like the majority of these could apply to anyone at any stage of life. Thanks for "listening" to my random ramblings. I hope to have a nursery update next week and a 3rd trimester pic :)

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