November 19, 2012

I had very few friends in my time in Fort Worth, but one of them is Chelsie. We were the behaviorizing duo of Birdville ISD!! She asked me to help on a few things for her wedding. I immediately recruited the creative mind and wedding planning skills of Laurel. THANK GOD. Laurel even came to houston to help me. The following are pictures of the crafting process... (pretend you can hear the Pasty Cline pandora station in the background...)

Please know these supplies were not easily obtained. I was harassed by 2 elderly women about when it was my turn to cut fabric. #grannysgotagun

Usually Lola is my helper, but Sam wanted to see how much of the fabric she could put her body on.

 Tie to kitchen chairs and BEGIN!

Still Observing
 And Wah-Lah! A perfect backdrop to a country wedding! (test run in the back yard)

Candy Apples with Stick Handles... CUTE... I sadly had no part in this idea
Polaroid "Photobooth" Dawning of New Day Font

WHEAT! Got a huge bunch for cheap at Home Goods!
Her mom and aunts did her flowers :) 

Laurel feeling very serious about the chalkboard work I did... Chalk is difficult. 

We wore basically the same thing on accident. And I look like Im 11. 
Chelsie won this old chalkboard at an auction! 

I would like to say how jealous I am that instagram happened 6 months after my wedding... Check out some of the insta-beauties Chelsie and Jerrett LYDAY got at their hashtag #cheeseburgerandfrenchfries

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