Gobble Bourbon Gobble

November 16, 2012


I totally jumped the gun last week by getting all hyped about Christmas decorations, and practically skipped my favorite food holiday of the year: Thanks-TURKEY-giving! This year, what I'm most excited about is reprising my Bourbon Pecan Pie. 


However, I have a bad habit of never remembering what recipes I use for anything. I do have a recipe book, and a myriad of cookbooks, but I often find things last minute on Pinterest or, and then also make my own alterations to those recipes which I don't write down. Last year, my pie was - literally - a slice of heaven. I was not alone in this feeling, so I think it's okay to say it here publicly. 

So I said to myself: "Self, How am I going to reproduce it if I don't have the recipe? "
Self responded: "The only option is to find a recipe that HAS to be even better."

After some searching, I found this recipe: Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie. I'm not sure I'll do ALL the steps, like toasting the pecans, etc -- those seem a little tedious -- but I do like opting for maple syrup over corn syrup, for sure. I mean, if we're going to put good tasting stuff in our body, let's at least make it with good, quality ingredients instead of highly processed ones.

But let's all be honest here: really this recipe won because the pictures make you want to eat that heaven right now.


Am I right, or am I right? 
What's on YOUR thanksgiving menu?

As always, you can find me the other days of the week at alittleWhitenoise.

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