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November 28, 2012

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and happy shopping this weekend! The one thing I kept circling back to buying this weekend was a house. Call me crazy, but after living in a 900 square foot house with Danay and 3 dogs, and a bathroom where the toilet almost touches the shower,  I'm ready for an expansion. So I'm back to planning what my next house will look like. I love the simple chic look, people who can pull that off-- I respect you. However, have you ever seen that movie Along Came Polly? You know what her house looks like... well I'm afraid my house will ever air on the side of chaos like good ol Polly. My 70 pound shedding dog that likes to destroy anything in site is a big factor, and while I love nothing more than spending an entire day cleaning my house until it's spotless.. I'm usually too lazy/exhausted to put away dishes at the end of the night. With that said, I think my house needs to have a more laid back vibe-- it's just more my style. So here are a few of my other favorite images. A girl can dream right? Which is your favorite? I think I'm going to start Etsy searching for some of these...
Images: [1234567]

Have a wonderful day!


  1. pretty sure the top desk/table is world market. Love all of it! Don't let danay live with you... it will help it stay cleaner :)

    1. Hahah seriously! As soon as we move I'm going to World Market!!


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