Love me some! (I screamed the "et" part)

November 8, 2012

So Old Danielle (Danielle Runyan) is out being pregnant today so I, New Danielle, am taking over. 

I went to Target yesterday for a myriad of reasons... that I am not fully disclosing.. 
Here are some clues:

Two of these, yet fun, is like "whoa..." to my brain, but probably like "whoa, yeah!" to younger brains...
Purple Pathwork
If there were two of these, twin size in a room, would there be too much orange? They are more sophisticated and much cheaper than the above... (hook em' \m/ )
Orange Bedding

Then there's me who just looks at pinterest and dreams in gray and white... and I actually want:

So we'll see what happens. I need to turn the crap room into a bedroom for 2 girls (age 10+) like this weekend. Have you seen my crap room lately? 

Anyone bored and want to come play? Can I entice you with a journey through IKEA? Oh yeah and the budget is like $100. AND it hasn't been painted in 20 years. Really cute. 

-Danielle G.

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