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November 15, 2012

This will be our last Christmas as a family of two under our roof. As I start thinking about the holidays, I get so excited about Graeme experiencing them for the first time with us next year. As we all grow up and get married, traditions change and new ones must begin. So here are some ideas I found on Pinterest that I hope to start incorporating as our family grows.

A Christmas Jar

A Christmas Jar is a great new tradition to help spread the holiday spirit and encourage random acts of kindness.

Consider starting a new family tradition this year, pass on the spirit of the holiday and give a money jar anonymously to someone who could really use one.

The Christmas Jar tradition started in 2005 by author Jason F. Wright with his family.

He went on to publish his family's idea in the book Christmas Jars which became a New York Times Best Selling Book and a new Christmas Classic and Penny's Christmas Miracle Jar as a version for kids.

Advent Calendar Activities
Our holidays center a lot on family activities. Instead of gifts and goodies, I printed little cards for the advent pockets. Each one lists something we can do together each day. Some have “choose a special Christmas goodie” though. Most of the activities are ones we already attend or do anyway, so it’s a no brainer to include them. 

CHRISTmas Ornaments
Make 25 ornaments with the names of Jesus with your children and hang a new one on the tree each day in December. Directions on how they made theirs are here 

What are some traditions you have started that you love?
Danielle R. 

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