Shiny Pants

November 13, 2012

Soooo, I bought some black shiny skinny jeans. Say that 5 times fast. Shiny skinny jeans. Its hard.

I've been wearing my "shiny skinny jeans" A LOT. Not enough to wear the shiny out, but close. Initially I thought, "Oh I'll get these to wear around New Years." OR I'll just wear them all the time.
Now that I have black, I'm secretly wanting gold. I found some at Target actually, but I couldn't find them in my size. SAD.
Here are a few ways to wear those shiny pants, in case they freak you out.

Thinking about buying some? What do you think about this pair of 7 For All Mankind?
Or these from French Connection...
Want the cropped pant look? Check these out or these.
Still not convinced? how about something more understated.

Now go be shiny and have a glorious Tuesday friends.

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