November 26, 2012

Get ready for a bigger word to picture ratio from me today. Yesterday, a family of 5 moved into our upstairs. Well, really 7, the mom is pregnant with twins. They are missionaries for the Katy House of Prayer and gave up everything they owned for the call of serving the community this way. Their faith ASTOUNDS me. They moved everything in, in about 7 minutes. Doesn't that sound like a dream move from heaven? Let switch gears for a second:

Different Gear (were getting on the highway) Since I moved from Lubbock in 2008 I have lived in 8 different places. Thats a lot for 4 years. 2.5 of those were married moving everywhere. Its catching up with me. Im very much a home body and its like that part of myself has been neglected with rippling  effects... of restlessness. In the book After the boxes are unpacked, it says it takes women around 2 years to fully adjust to a new place. (in searching for this book link I found there is even a support group for moving women!) Obviously if there are going to be books and support groups about it... there is some realness to my feelings.

Same Gear (different paragraph) I have recently been attached to Gilmore Girls... all over again. Rob hates this show, and so did I until my roommate in college (House 1 of 8) forced it on me everyday. Eventually the witty banter was too clever to resist. They replay the season everyday at 10 on ABC Family. ANYWAY... I finally figured out why I love it so much. I'm jealous of their routines. She lives in the same house, and its so cozy and lived in, they go to Luke's every morning for coffee. People know them and they know people. She owns her own business, which means she has to stay put.

In between gears! Car is violently shaking!: Rob applied for an exchange program last March to go to Woking (near London), or Aberdeen, Scotland for a year. We found out we were't chosen and bought a house the next day. About a month ago, his work decided to open another exchange spot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia... and Rob was next on the list. If we are going... we leave in January for a year and transition yet again to a whole new everything. Yes it sounds amazing and will probably be amazing, but I still have my inner homebody screaming at me NO! we just got here! We are waiting on one more crucial piece of info before its final and I will have to tell my homebody self to shut up for another while.

Pit stop at Grandmas: Over thanksgiving we went to Rob's grandma's house. MamaCoy and I got up before everyone else and sat talking one morning over coffee about all of this. She talked about how hard moving is and how she moved over and over again, and how nice it was to finally settle. It was good to be heard and to realize this is a very gender specific thing.

Drive to dealership and trade for an automatic: The potential move is the reason we have a family living upstairs... with nothing, they needed everything in our house. Perfect right!? But really the bigger testament is the mom pregnant with twins willing to transition more than I have in the last 4 years in 1 year for the call of Christ, not comfort. And that puts it all in perspective. I don't think homebody Danielle is evil, in fact, I think that she is just part of the collective womanhood. But if we are sent to Malaysia... then there is a reason, a God reason, that I will seek out and will learn to re-prioritize my need for comfort and safety.

If you would like to know more about the family and their mission please go here.

-Danielle G. 

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