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December 17, 2012

All I really want to say is THANK YOU. To my faithful bloggy pals, Danielle, Kendall, Sophee and Laurel and heck why not... Danay you too. You stuck in there for a good while! This has been a great year and I have loved waking up and waiting til your posts "go live" and I get to read about your lives and your plans and dreams and thoughts. Love you all.

AND THEN... THANK YOU to our readers! We appreciate you thinking we're cool enough to keep up with :) I had big plans for this 2012 "FINALE" but as usual I get too busy and a less grand expression appears. However, I do have big plans for projects next year.

In the works right now....
- Antique desk redo

- funky nasty bench redo

-- Crap room turns real room:

- stamp collection to be sold in my shop
- Disperse some of these cards & grow the biz!

- Vintage looking guest book

Hopes and dreams:
- keep working on the house, Bedroom (curtains! any suggestions?) and office are next on the list!

Want this rug! for the living room!

Last but not least... Downton Abbey starts!

Love you all!!!!!!!!! See you next year! 

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