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December 19, 2012

Happy Wednesday! I can't believe that's the last time I'll say that.. hopefully not forever, but to you at least! What a year this has been. I feel very lucky to have been a part of this adventure 'Sunday Hatch' for the past year. It's an amazing thing to bring people together from all over to collaborate on a single project. It really is wonderful to be a part of something like this. I guess this is similar to a book club or community group... those are definitely going on my list for 2013. Anyways, I highly recommend a collaborative event if you are not already part of one.

As I wrap up my year, I can't help but look back in awe of all that has happened:

  • I got a job- a real job- a job I actually love
    • I also realized that loving your job is a true blessing and I am grateful every day for it 
      • I mean not as grateful as I would be playing with the puppies all day... 
      • No, no I take that back- I wouldn't have it any other way.. for now at least
  • I planned a wedding
    • Let me reiterate.. I planned a wedding.. and I didn't even get married! (I have to same some things for next year :) or the next.....)
    • I learned in doing so that I do not want to pursue a career in event planning 
    • I also learned that rain on your wedding day does not mean the end of the world
      • I'm going to just keep telling myself that... according to Danielle I might get over it in the next two years... here's to hoping..
  • I grew up
    • Not sure when it happened really, or if it happened this year at all, but somehow I woke up one morning a 'grown up'. Although, I think saying 'grown up' probably contradicts that statement... an 'adult' maybe? Anyways, you get the picture
      • I think it started about a year a half ago actually, but it has been a work in progress
      • Looking back on where I was just a short while ago and where I am now, is a crazy thing- can't really explain it unless you've experienced it yourself. But I'm different.
      • I'll probably say that again this time next year, but I think that's what your mid-twenties are all about... figuring out who you really are. So far, I enjoy this time of challenging and questioning myself more so than my early twenties when... well I wasn't doing very much soul searching... we can leave it at that 
      • I learned that there are times when I need to just let go, to always trust in God, to accept adversity and to say no from time to time- for me these all go hand in hand
      • This actually brings me into my plans for 2013... continue to grow 
2013 Happiness Project:

  • I want to do my own happiness project. if you haven't read the book The Happiness Project, I highly suggest it! The point is to write down some things you want to work on that will contribute to your happiness and to actually work on them
  • So far I have the following:
    • Clean, clean, clean- every cabinet, every storage old box, even my computer- for me cleaning is both tiring and therapeutic, but mostly the piles of miscellaneous items in drawers hurt my heart 
    • Focus on nature- not only by eating more organic and less processed food, but also spending more free time outside instead of in front of the TV 
    • Putting others first- I do this 100% of the time at work, but I definitely want to work on transitioning this into my personal life more
    • Learn about history- I have a hard time reading about past events and not questioning them. Needless to say, this creates a lot of confusion in my mind and heart, so I plan on digging into history- books, documentary, anything I can really
  • I think the main thing to take away is to focus on challenging yourself. If you dedicate one month to one thing you want to work on, you will always be growing. And I think that is a lot better than a New Years Resolution that lasts for the month of January. This way, you start fresh every month! 
Okay okay, enough talking. But before I go, I do want to say thank you for joining us all on this adventure and listening to me ramble on about the many different things going on in my brain every Wednesday. It has been a pleasure. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!


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