What Goes Around Comes Around: Floral Prints

March 30, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen (but probably just ladies), today I bring you "Flower Power". We all know things go out of style and come back years later. I have been noticing floral prints all over the place, and on pants of all places!! I couldn't help but be reminded of my childhood family portraits... our floral garments here are strikingly similar to these new designer prints that have surfaced recently. Hmmm... who would have thought!

Love it? Hate it? Still on the fence? I felt confused/horrified/ at first too. After some further investigation, I have to say I think I am getting suckered into this trend. Here are some floral pants done so very right...
And last but not least, floral print done wrong. So very wrong that it ended up on the Ellen show... See for yourself!

Just to confirm: left, Danielle Goates; right, Danay Leffel

YOU'RE WELCOME!! Have a great weekend :)


Go ahead, eat that chocolate

March 29, 2012

We know that things are ok in moderation. That has been my mantra because when I completely deprive myself of something (mainly sweets), I always fall off the wagon. If I allow myself a cheat day (or days) then I tend to eat healthier for my meals and other snacks to make up for my cheat.

Also, according to an article in the USA Today this week, chocolate may not be all bad. This does not mean you should go grab that chocolate donut you crave every morning, but there is some science supporting people who don’t completely deprive themselves of sweets. According to the study, the group that ate chocolate every day tended to have 1 point lower on the BMI scale than those who didn’t eat chocolate.  Plus chocolate has been shown to lower heart and stroke risks. Dark chocolate boasts the greatest health benefits. They have more flavonoids than regular chocolate. Flavonoids keep cholesterol from gathering in in the blood vessels (WebMD). I will definitely break off a piece of dark chocolate for that!

So pass the cocoa!
Danielle R.

So Many Rentals!

March 28, 2012

Happy Wednesday everyone! Sophee here, back to conquer our next task on the wedding to-do list, rentals! I know this can be overwhelming... chairs, tables, linens, flatware, silverware, glassware, and on and on. So take it one step at a time and remember it's important to keep in mind your style, what do you like? Do you want something clean and simple, glitzy and elegant, vintage and quirky? Whatever feel you are going for on your big day, here is the place to really let it show. Here are a few of my favorite set ups, these were the inspiration I used for planning my sister's big day. Our taste is not the average, but I think that's the fun of it. Find something that represents you as a couple! And enjoy.. this is the fun part!
Images: {1-5}

In the Closet With Mara Hoffman

March 27, 2012

Two words: Mara Hoffman.
If you're not sure who this is, then you're in for a treat dear friend!! I'm in love with her designs. If you find yourself attracted to anything bohemian (cough then you'll see what I mean. Her swimwear is out of control amazing! If you've got your summer vacation planned, then check out her stuff to use for your own inspiration! If you dig bohemian, then you'll be best friends.

Mara (we are clearly on a first name basis) is a NY based fashion designer. She's a graduate of Parson's School of Design in NYC and studied in London before launching her own line in 2000. She makes everything from custom hand-dyed couture pieces to original silk prints. Her graphic and colorful designs make her beachwear and dresses bold and original. Take a look friends!!

Like everything designer, her stuff can come with a price tag. So I did some research and you can find some great look-a-like pieces on asos, lulus, urban and freepeople. Check it.
This cover-up is from Asos for $62.00! 

Asos Ethnic Print Maxi Kaftan

Or this Lulus dress for only $39.00. Yippy! She doesn't seem that happy about it.
Lulus Miwok This Way Aztec Dress
I hope you're smiling this week!!! 

The Celebrations

March 26, 2012

The mugs are from west elm. Tried to display their personalities. J for Jennifer and rock candy because she's obsessed with candy is sweet and cheery. Goat for her new last name... and I don't know if you can tell but there are drum stick pencils in his cup. Behind is the "guest book" found the paper at JoAnn Fabrics.

These pictures didn't turn out too.. oh well. 

Used my mom's cricut to do these letters for the cake and then used tiny clothes pins to stand them up. 

DIY: Tape It Up!

March 23, 2012

As you may or may not know, my job involves a lot of shipping... a lot of boxes... a lot of tape. I had a little trouble with the tape guns at first, and I asked one of my co-workers how she taped up a box so fast. She replied "You just have to believe." That changed everything for me. I swear once you believe it's so much easier! Anyways, I stumbled upon some nifty DIY projects on Pinterest involving my daily shipping supplies...

Ok I don't actually use that kind of tape to ship, but I do want to start getting crafty and trying some new projects with this colorful decorative tape! Check out my inspirations below... Has anyone else tried these DIY vases? 

Its my goal to try this out and not make it look like a Kindergartner's gift to mom for Mother's Day. I will keep you posted and let you know how it goes!


Moves Like Jagger

March 22, 2012

According to Women's Health, the best move you can do to tone up your body is the one that you are not doing. You know variety is the spice of life. So here are a few exercises that I found that you should definitely check out!

Works your lower back and abdominals

Adding a Swiss (or Stability Ball as I call it) to any excerise can up the toughness level and makes you work those abs even harder

Result - nice shoulders for your summer tank top, plus good posture

We do this move in P90X. We see how many we can get in like 30 seconds. You definitely feel the burn.

Helps strengthen your total core (including your back muscles)

Get moving!
Danielle R.

All of the lights, all of the lights

March 21, 2012

Lights can change everything. The ambiance, level of sophistication/ elegance, even a single moment can be renovated with the right lighting. While it is an additional expense, I think it is one worth at least looking into. Check out some of these incredible weddings. What do you think, worth it?

{1,  2 & 3, 4}
And the following are done by the company we are using Ilios Lighting at our venue, Laguna Gloria. Which are your favorites? Our meeting is Friday, super excited!!

As Simple As It Should Be

March 20, 2012

Last weekend I packed up my bags and headed to Los Angeles to visit a very dear friend who happens to live on Venice Beach. Yes, she actually lives ON the beach, more towards Marina Del Rey than Venice, but its a beach. Living in west Texas, a beach is hard to come by. I took something very valuable away with me from my time there...
Keep it Simple.
The people/lifestyle are simple. Less stress, more joy. Lots of people go to work around 10Am and the restaurants, clothing trends, jewelery, even the church service I went to in Hollywood, was simple, wonderfully simple.
I Know I take simple things for granted. I feel the need to make everything complex and over analyze every detail until I no longer want to be inside my own brain! Anyone?
I know there is beauty in simplicity. So my advice this week is try to keep things simple, whether it's in your personal life, relationships, spiritual life, clothes, makeup, jewelry, whatever your lovely heart desires:) I think you'll see there's some freedom in the simple things.
Not sure where to start? Here are a few things I've done over the past week that were simple and beneficial for me, feel free to steal one for yourself!1. Wear a plain white T and some comfy jeans. Always classic, always simple
2. Wear mascara and blush only. That's it! Less makeup means looking more radiant in your own skin.
3. Say, "I'm sorry" to someone you've wronged. That alone CAN be enough without a long speech attached, only if you mean it of course:)
4. Try wearing just one piece of jewelry that's meaningful to you. Pick one and rock it! I wore my grandmother's amethyst cocktail ring, it make me think of her.
5. Eat something simple for lunch or dinner! Maybe grilled cheese and tomato soup? It makes me think of my mom and I grew up on the stuff, so it's close to my heart as well as delicious.

I wanted to post some LA pictures for you guys, but I left my camera at my grandfather's 80th birthday party on Saturday, so once it is returned, I'll be posting pictures for you to see.
I'll leave you with a Tristian Prettyman song that is SO wonderfully fitting for this post. I was introduced to her about six years ago and have loved her ever since. She's kind of the peanut butter to my jelly. Enjoy!

Simplify something this week!

Party Prep

March 19, 2012

I was in charge (because I declared it) of my brother-in-law's engagement party. Because it was SPRING BREAK (for which now it is not and I am in mourning) I thought I would try all those things I see on the blogs and pinterest! Just go to the craft store and be free with my mind!! It was fun and much harder than 

"Ooo I'll pin that"

I started with a color pallet I stole from half anthropologie towels and half a sherwin williams flyer.
 and then I found my mom to actually do it :) I think I like the "idea" of sewing and I really like her to "do" the sewing. Thanks Ma. {Also I used a 1.75 inch circle punch from Michaels for all those circles... only way to go on that!}

Couldn't just stop at circle garland because in looking at my endless supply of crap craft supplies I found paper flowers! So I had to make flower garland too. In the back ground is my "guest book" of sorts. I found this amazing tree ring die cut paper and had to use it! 

...made some J+J coasters... to continue the tree theme...
...kraft paper jelly bean labels... 
...mason jars as everyone must have according to the laws of pinterest... 

...and ALL for this moment right here!!!! Love you Jennifer!!! Can't believe I get another sister!!

Actual party pics to come! Stay tuned... 


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