August 1, 2013

Way back in the month of January I made a goal list in this blog post.

My goals are 
1) Wedding Invites
2) Prints
3) Take pictures of my before and after rooms and make a "portfolio"
4) Redesign the blog
5) Get my vintage looking guest book just right

Here's how far I got on these: 
No. 1
(note Mr. & Mrs. Nick Miller, love me some New Girl!)


(available at

No. 2

(made while avoiding making prints that would actually sell) 
(all available at

No. 3
(still working on it :/)

No. 4
You're looking at it! 
For a while it looked like this

but I never blogged so I don't think I was feeling it.

No. 5
(I think this is in a closet somewhere) (oops.) Here's what I'm talking about though...
the idea is a guest book that looks like an old/regular book because most guest books I see are ugly.

I would love to see your projects, creative endeavors, & before and afters! Send them to me and Ill put them on the blog :)

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