Hers or Hims?

September 10, 2013

This is lingo I picked up from Rob's family. If one of the dogs does something cute... "Aww hers..." Rob does something good, "Oh hims..." So I thought that would be the theme for our very simple version of a gender reveal. Rob and I already knew so the reveal was for our parents... and we let the dogs tell. First they looked like this....

 Then we took them behind a wall and let them go with only one color on...

In case you can't see that blur at the bottom....

Its a HERS!!! Her name is Nora :)

Now for the outtakes.. dog pictures are super difficult.

apparently she doesn't care thats on her head. 


  1. Stop stop stop!!!! I want to fly oit there right now reading this. Over the moon happy for you guys! Baby Nora will be sooo incredibly loved, already is. Xoxoxoxo


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