Things in the Brains

September 18, 2013

My whole life Ive been an observer. Then I went to school about observing and got even crazier about it. So here are some life observations and a collection of good tidbits so I don't forget them:

-In my mind all police men where cowboy hats, but they don't in real life. Even in Texas. Maybe I saw it on a movie. Oh wait... maybe Im thinking of like sherifs. Yep. Woody from toy story.

-When people squinch their eyes at me to "listen closely" there is a 97% chance I will squinch back. I want control of my face but 3% of control is not enough control. But its a real thing in psychology called mirroring. Now I just messed you up for the rest of your life because you will be aware of what your face is doing!

-What does no added MSG mean? Seems sneaky. I looked it up and it means what you would think... there was MSG in one of the ingredients but they didn't add more. Really disappointed because Amy's soups are supposed to be all natural and organic and what not.

- 1 large egg. Why do recipes say this? If you don't get farm eggs, all the eggs are the same size.

-People are way less likely to stick up for themselves in the workplace. Except for me of course. Aint got s*** on me! 

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  1. next time i see you i will squinch my eyes and see what happens ;)


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