Before and After Mid-Century Dresser

January 27, 2014

About 2.5 years ago Rob and I were sailing the aisles of Katy Christian Ministries (A goodwill like resale shop) and came across this piece for $125. I loved it immediately! We decided to use it as a TV stand at first with "in the future" thoughts of changing it into a dresser/ changing table for a baby.

Fast forward---> Im pregnant (37 weeks currently) and baby room needed a dresser! 

* Those handles have to go, they look like a face, kinda like Falcor for any nerds who remember him. 
* Paint it white, except for maybe the bottom bar and legs, like this from West Elm. 
dumont buffet
* New Knobs! I hear anthropologie calling! At first I picked ceramic coral knobs because I was trying to really get in touch with my GIRLY side, but sometimes theres just not enough girly to tap into, so I took them back and got these:
Prism Knob
They are brighter in real life.
* Hire someone to spray paint it, not crappy spray paint, like air compressor spray paint. Took 3 rounds and WA-LA! 

* Sand and stain the bottom. I did this... not a great choice when you shouldn't breathe in fumes and have a belly to drag around. But it looks good!

Now to accessorize! At least I know half will be taken up with a changing pad! The mirror is from target, and the doilies on the sides are what we found in the attic created by my great grandmother, Cora.  Frames from Ikea.

Thanks for stopping by the blog! As always, Id love to see your before and afters too! 

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