January 15, 2014

House Before and Afters!

Remember last August when I said "stay tuned for before and afters" ... Well, you had to REALLY stay tuned. I like to move at the speed of slow about blogging apparently. Sometimes it just takes some encouragement, and being put to shame by friends who are busy and still have awesome blogs (like my friend Christie from high school. Go now: kikimac.me And Lauren who helps me think deep thoughts and wear good clothes. Go now: thebrodabode.blogspot.com)

*NOTE: if you have tried to follow by email, where you get an email when I post something new, it hasn't been working and is now fixed!!

So the entire house was painted the same khaki-ish color and all the trim had yellowed big time. Do notice all the brass light fixtures ... and their magical replacements!

THE OFFICE: before

THE OFFICE: After: Color: ANVIL by Behr (PS this is the "after of the desk mentioned here."


THE ENTRY/ STAIRCASE/ HANDRAILS: After: Color: Galveston Gray Benjamin Moore



DOORBELL: (I know, who really cares but look at this little ugly guy) (apparently this house was pink at one point)


My next task is accessorizing. Lots of blank walls going on. Its so hard for me to commit to accessories, I think everything should have been collected from across the world or have some special meaning. Maybe they're special because I got them so cheap at home goods? Working on that mind set! 

Stay tuned (week or less I swear) for this dresser redo!

And here's a sneak peak of the nursery! 



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