Underachievement in March and April

April 25, 2018

I just remembered that I write a blog sometimes. Insert shrugging sholders girl emoji here. But I did remember and now I write this from outside a teepee in the middle of nowhere because that seems like a good time for blogging. Rob and I took a mini vacation for our 8th anniversary (and also for my sanity) to Marfa, TX. Such a weird cool place.

Anyway, lets talk about the stuff I didn’t try at in March. Well guys, I did actually try at things in March but did I OVER try is the question. And no is the answer.

I decided to potty train Perry because she brought me a pair of underwear and asked to wear it. So that probably meant she was ready. And she was. I did the 3 day method like everyone else and she got it by day 3. Great job kid. She still has accidents don’t get me wrong but they are getting fewer and she has stayed dry at night time and nap time. Win.

C.S. Lewis says this of cultural celebrations (my paraphrase) "We can oppose them, we can participate like everyone else, or we can incorporate them into our beliefs." So this leaves the question of the easter bunny, easter baskets, and eggs hunts. I was talking with my friend Monica and we both agreed that easter baskets and egg hunts were fun memories from our own childhoods, but the bunny seems kind of unnecessary. So this year we didn’t talk about an easter bunny but we did talk about the resurrection of Jesus. We got easter baskets as celebration for His rising from the dead and we egg hunted because its fun. We did an egg hunt at the YMCA which I then re-used all those eggs and their fillings for the school easter egg hunts. That’s right zero work for me... well, because I made Nora re-fill and count them out for her non-nap-time activity. I still cant believe she doesn’t nap. Its devastating.

Speaking of devastating… my pants are too tight. Ive gained about 10 pounds since we moved here. Discussing this with my soul sisters at Opals the other night, we decided that this is just “fat and happy” weight. And then I ate some cheese about it. I do think they are right though. Since January my stress level has come WAY down. Practicing under-achievement has had a big part in that. And maybe I’ve eaten more in my relaxed state… and good for me. However I need bigger pants. I’ve learned over the last couple years that if I buy crap clothes they are usually crappy and then I have to buy them again so it’s really worth it to just buy good quality clothes to begin with. This is hard to explain to husbands who don’t believe in quality jeans. SOLUTION: Let your husband watch you try to put on your too small pants. It’s not pretty and it doesn’t make you feel good about yourself… but it does make them understand. I think Rob’s exact words were. “Having a little trouble there huh?” Why yes, yes I am having some trouble there. And now I'm going shopping. Bye. This only works for real pants. No one should ever watch you put on tights. Don’t even watch yourself.

This may seem over-achievery but I decided to start consulting for Beautycounter in March. I buy so many of their products and I really believe in their mission of safer beauty. These people are lobbying at capitol hill for better laws for beauty ingredients. This isn’t just for people who “care” about this. It's for everyone and I love that. They have a new toxic free lipstick line that would be a great mother's day gift! Let me know if you have any questions. (my mom likes 9-5)

Now its basically the end of April so lets just throw this month's blog entry in here too. I just sent Rob to sign the girls up for summer mothers day out and who knew you needed the forms filled out already—and then unfolds a great example of my whole life:

My printer is out of ink because I need it to have ink, so early morning call to childhood best friend… who prints forms and sends her husband to drop off at my house…I then scramble to fill it out as fast as possible before new midland best friend comes to pick it up and take it to Rob who is already in line.

This also a great of example of the community here. It's amazing and if you don’t have good people around you… you need to make it happen. I could not live here without the friends turned family we have found/ found again. I listened to a Jennie Allen instastory the other day talking about just this. She was was talking about the ABSOLUTE NECESSITY of community and she started out by very awkwardly asking this one lady to be her friend, her really good friend. Now they have been best friends for 10 years. For a very long time I was lonely and isolated because I kept waiting for community to come to me. It never did. When you finally work for it, and get it… you show up and you keep showing up same town or not. #lifelessonsfromaoncelonelygoat

Anyway, I finally cut the purple glue stitches out of Perry’s hair in case you were as sick of seeing that as I was. You can breathe easy now. I’m about to peace out to Austin by myself yall. Sister and I are going to an Over The Rhine concert, then catching up with one of my favorite friends, then brunch and house tour and maybe even see a baby!!!! All the good things.

I'll leave you with this quote:

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